Privacy Policy of the Mobile Application

The "Color Ring" mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the Application) was developed by Martin Grey LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Copyright Holder), whose office is located at 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, USA. The Copyright Holder reserves the right to make changes to the Application and, if necessary, adapt this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) to the changes made and notify the Users by posting a new version of the Policy in the Application. The responsibility of independently reviewing the current version of the Policy lies with the User.

This Policy of the Application applies to the information that the Copyright Holder can receive from the User's device while using the Application.

Using of the Application means the unconditional consent of the User with this Policy and the conditions specified therein for processing information received from the User's device. In case of disagreement with the Policy, the User should refrain from using the Application.

This Policy applies only to the Application. The Copyright Holder does not control and is not responsible for the use of materials (consequences of its transfer) transferred by the User to a third party for commercial purposes, if such transfer was made on a third party resource to which the user could follow by clicking the links in the Application. Responsibility for the use of materials for commercial purposes lies with the User.

The composition of information that can be obtained from the User's device when using the Application and the purpose of its obtainment (hereinafter referred to as the User Information):

Photos made by the device’s camera in order to obtain, convert and use photos as part of the services provided in the Application, including for creating and saving photos in the User's profile in the Application.

Information on the version of the operating system and device model obtained by the Copyright Holder in order to analyze possible errors in the operation of the Application and error recovery. For the purposes of analysis, the Copyright Holder may transfer information about the operating system and device model to third parties in anonymous form.

Permission to make purchases of virtual goods inside the Application (or the Application itself) to identify the party in the framework of agreements in order to obtain all the paid features of the Application.

Additionally, under this Policy, the Copyright Holder is entitled to use additional software tools (including partners of the Copyright Holder) and cookies to collect and process anonymized statistical information about the User's use of the Application and services within the Application for the purpose of improving the Application.

User Information Processing Terms

In accordance with this Policy, the Copyright Holder processes only that information and only for the purposes specified in the clause “The composition of information that can be obtained from the User's device when using the Application and the purpose of its obtainment”.

The Copyright Holder of the Application, within the framework of this Policy, has the right to use the User’s photos on the basis of a free license by posting them in the Application’s Instagram account as part of examples of using the Application and promoting the Application.

The User agrees that all claims to the Copyright Holder caused by the rights of third parties to the User's photos can be addressed by the Copyright Holder to the User him- or herself, and the User also undertakes to compensate for losses associated with losses by the Copyright Holder due to disputes related to the rights of third parties.

The User data can be used to send advertising information in the Application, and the Users agrees to this by using the Application.

User Data Security

Processing of user data occurs in the Application on their own devices without the participation of the Copyright Holder. Data security is ensured by standard means of the operating system; there are no additional security features in the Application itself. The Users use the Application as is and independently protect their data from security risks, including, but not limited to:

- protect their device and the Application installed in it from theft or loss;

- protect their device and the Application installed in it from unauthorized access.


Concerning the operation of the mobile application, including for placing a request for processing the user's personal data and (or) withdrawing consent for such processing, you can contact us by e-mail, as well as through the request form on the Application’s website